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Discover exactly where YOUR visual skills are at & Identify what YOU can do to enhance those skills….YOUR athletic & academic performance depends on it.
Self Assessment Package 

The Self-Assessment package is a Doctor designed program that walks you through how to test some of the most important vision skills for sports and school. This program is meant to pick up on possible vision deficiencies.
Pretty much everyone has had their eyes checked, the problem is most eye exams only test your visual clarity to see if you need contacts or glasses. The Self-Assessment course allows you to test other important visual skills that help you focus and identify distance, speed, and trajectory of objects in your sport.
The Self-Assessment package comes with lifetime access to the online course and we’ll send you the equipment necessary for testing.
The testing is geared towards student-athletes of all sports and ages, but it will benefit anyone wanting to see where their vision skills stand.
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Access to Video Tutorials + Testing Equipment to Pinpoint Exactly What is going on with Your Visual System. Sports Vision & Neurocognitive Expert, Dr. Murray will walk you through how to perform each assessment in our step-by-step tutorials.

Some skills that will be tested are:

- Visual Clarity
- Eye-Teaming
- Depth Perception
- Dominate Eye
- Visual Status
- Light Sensitivity

After the Assessment, we’ll help you analyze your results & breakdown what everything means.You’ll understand your strengths, and possibly identify some areas that need improvement.

With over 30+ years of experience as a Sports Neuro Optometrist, Dr. Murray will give you the absolute best recommendations and plan of action based on your results.

Don’t leave it to chance that your visual skills have developed perfectly.
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